HiBREW 8 Ajustes Eléctricos de grano de Café Molinillo para café Espresso o América del café por Goteo Duradera Plana de Rebabas de fundición a presión de Vivienda G1

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Etiquetas: h muere, conjunto de las mujeres, cecotec cafetera, taza de café, cafetera, c1000, café espresso maker, angl amoladora, molinillo de café manual, café machin.

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  • Voltaje (V): 220-240V
  • Certificación: CE
  • Número De Modelo: 600N
  • Potencia (W): 180W
  • Origen: CN(Origen)
  • La función: bean amoladora
  • Nombre De La Marca: HiBREW
  • Material De La Carcasa: De aluminio
  • Capacidad (Cup): 5 a 10 tazas
  • Tipo de: Espresso Cafetera

"The mill is sweet once and more, and it is better than its performance compared to its price, of course, for me more than two weeks and I said books about it time: I see its excellent performance in grinding for espresso. 5 and the mill is soft and the most important thing is that it needs to be modified compared to others, which cost the same need to modify the espresso Mill such as DeLonghi need edit and Edison say it is what needs modification but those who grind it with an espresso grind on the last degree, which is the number one it can be in the type of Ben needs grinding Therefore, he has to modify it, but this mill grinds you the espresso mill of No. 3 and you are descending and every kind of Ben and him no. But if you go down to the degree below one and the text I expect suitable for the Turkish and tried two types of bin I Street althamiri of toaster riyadh was the mill that I saw fit 2. 7 and the second type was El Salvador from the palm and the degree that gives me the extraction of Ques No. 2. 5. Of course, the mill has 8 degrees, but between each degree and the degree of lines means what is necessary to adhere to the number 2 or 3, but you can not land the red arrow on the lines between the numbers as in the picture I accompanied because it distinguishes and thank you for reading."
The Pirate2552020-12-05
"Professional seller and arrival in fabulous time in only 4 days, fully satisfied"

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